Character: Beatrice, The Golden Witch
Series: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Debuted: ACen 2010

Favorite Aspect: Getting to wear sneakers, since the dress covered my feet!
Least Favorite Aspect: Walking around in the dress.

Beatrice is a fantastic character. She’s insane, evil, the perfect FOIL for Battler, but she’s also secretly sweet, and a very sad, tragic character. But I love her for her evil side, ammirite?

The dress was bought on ebay, no way in hell I was gonna attempt sewing this. When I got it however, it didn’t fit properly and I wasn’t happy with a couple details. So I went ahead and altered the dress to fit, and fixed the bow. My pipe was made from a party toy and a dowel rod, covered in Model Magic and different paints. The wig was braided by myself, and I had Stellar Kei pin it up for me. I actually saved up and bought a good quality hoop-skirt, and it really helped the flow of the dress. But it was a pain to walk around all day!

ACen 2010:

Photographer: StellarKei


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